Accord Worldwide is submitting a proposal for the following project. It is a globally implemented UN project and requires the following experts. You can apply for the position if it meets your qualifications. Applicants can update their profile on and/or send a message to @admin with your CV and details of relevant experience and thematic interest(s) in the selected geographic area. If your user account shows you meet the qualification, we will send you a separate email requesting your CV. 

Six (6) Development and Training Advisors:

  1. Working remotely to develop training programmes on monitoring evaluation for UN staff
  2. Delivering 2-week trainings from March 2020 until October 2021 to around 40 participants in each specified cohort
  3. 5+ years of experience in developing evaluation methods and related training programs, in addition to training manuals 
  4. Capability to use networks to deliver training in specified geographical region and particular experience focused in that region
  5. 5+ years of experience in any thematic applications of evaluation, which include:
  • Humanitarian evaluation 
  • Gender and Human Rights focused analysis
  • Including the voice of adolescents in evaluation
  • Systems thinking in evaluation
  • Impact evaluation
  • Theory based evaluation and theory based causal analysis
  • Case studies and case-based design in programme evaluation
  • Participatory evaluation

6. One development and training advisor required for each geographic area, with the following language requirements:

  • Asia (English)
  • Middle East (English)
  • Europe or North America (English)
  • East or Southern Africa (English)
  • West or North Africa (French)
  • South or Central America (Spanish)

Duty Station

Remote; preferably in the assigned region.


4 Months for training development and partnerships from the date of execution (November 2019 – February 2020).

6x 2-week trainings delivered from the date of implementation (between March 2020 – October 2021) delivered face-to-face in each cohort, in addition to on-the-job assignment advice for participants.

Scope of the Project


The project will contribute towards a global evaluation learning programme aimed to promote and contribute towards a stronger evaluation workforce, that is empowered to rigorously evaluate and communicate its findings, in an integrated, collaborative, use and solution-oriented manner, leading to more effective national policies and programmes.

This programme includes a blended evaluation training programme, with the first few modules delivered and facilitated online, and the last modules delivered through face-to-face training.


We are seeking qualified consultants to develop and deliver the face-to-face component of the Evaluation Learning Programme. The component is expected to be an intermediate skills course on evaluation design and evaluation methods, which will include a practical assignment. It will also include a selected number of “electives”: specialized thematic modules chosen by participants, through a series of seminar lectures tailored to specific topics relevant to specific aspects of participants’ actual work. In addition, the experts will be required to provide advice on the online training’s curricula and support participants in the implementation of the on- the-job assignment. 

Project Deliverables

1. Develop and deliver the face-to-face component of the programme 

  • From November 2019 to February 2020, develop the overall concept and curricula of the face-to-face training, including learning objectives and methodologies for all sessions; 
  • Identify experts, speakers and resource persons to deliver the face-to-face modules; 
  • Establish partnerships with other academic institutions based in the geographical areas where the trainings will be delivered 
  • Develop learning materials in English, French and Spanish as needed in advance of the sessions, including supporting presentations and background reading; 
  • Deliver the 2-week face-to-face training course from March 2020 until October 2021 to thirteen cohorts of approximately 40 participants each, for a total of 500 participants; 
  • Deliver three thematic seminars of one day each as part of the face-to-face component, 
  • Issue a certificate of successful completion of the course acknowledging skills acquired by successful participants. 
  • Carry out regular evaluation of the face-to-face training, including first-hand information from participants. 

2. Provide advice on the technical aspects of the online component curricula and content

  • Provide advice and feedback on the technical aspects of the online training curriculum and contents of the online modules; 
  • Ensure the existence of synergies between the online and face-to-face component of the Programme. 

3. Provide advice on the on-the-job assignment of the programme 

  • Agree with the participants on a follow-up schedule for the on-the-job-assignment chosen by the participants. 
  • Be available to respond to questions and provide advice to the participants during their on- the-job assignment. 
  • Monitor the schedule for the on-the-job assignments and provide coordination on their status of implementation.