Accord Worldwide is submitting a proposal for the following project. It is a UN project in Somalia and requires the following experts as mentioned below in this advertisement. You can apply for the position if it meets your qualifications. Applicants can update their profile on and/or send a message to @admin with their CV and details of relevant experience and thematic interest(s) in the selected geographic area. If your user account shows you meet the qualification, we will send you a separate email requesting your CV. 

Required Positions

The project requires: Team Leader; Chief Evaluation Officer; Lead Monitoring Officer; Monitoring and Evaluation Field Officers; Data Collectors

Required Qualilfication

We consider the following criteria to select a candidate’s relevance to a position:

Appropriate seniority/expertise in project management, analysis, report writing, enumeration skills/data collection. Candidates are expected to be competent with technical competence in a variety of data gathering and analysis platforms, such as ONA, Tableau, Power Bi, and others. Candidates with practical experience in the following areas are preferred:

  • Project management
  • Design of third-party monitoring activities
  • Collection and aggregation of third-party monitoring data (including through mobile data collection [e.g. tablet] modalities), including systematic data geo-referencing
  • Analysis of data
  • Report writing of third-party monitoring reports

Candidates with demonstrated experience and knowledge in program sectors (WASH / Nutrition / Health / Child protection / Education) and demonstrated understanding of the social, political, and security context in Somalia, with the ability to conduct analysis and provide advisory services.

Scope of Work

Routine Monitoring

The team is expected to visit partners at predetermined intervals during the implementation of the program to ensure satisfactory progress, compliance with contractual commitments, and the identification of hurdles and bottlenecks. In addition, determine whether progress/results reported by partners are supported by evidence on the ground; and/or verify the authenticity of claims made against a partner, in a situation where facts can be complex or buried.

Monitoring Visits

Identify shortages among partners to implement programs, allowing to send supporting supervision visits based on findings from third-party missions. Collect supplemental (mostly photographic) geo-referenced material to allow program personnel to create a remote monitoring mechanism of partners to improve their capacity and program implementation quality.

Capacity Assessment

Assess potential/current partners’ institutional, technical, and management capabilities; conduct due diligence on potential/current partners, including providing information about partners’ (undisclosed) networks and affiliations.

Data Analysis 

Data is gathered in a variety of formats, categories, and frequencies. Getting synced and analyzed data in a data-scarce setting like Somalia would assist encourage/promote data use. This requires using data acquired through TPMs to create informative dashboards that will be synced to a centrally managed national data warehouse managed. This would necessitate candidates having technical competence in a variety of data gathering and analysis platforms, such as ONA, Tableau, Power Bi, and others. To this aim, candidates must be able to retain raw data, do data synthesis, and undertake trends analysis across time, sectors, and specified metrics.

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  1. Dear Madam/Sir

    This is to submit my formal interest on this assignment which I believe I have extensive knowledge and experience gained through more than 7 Years in the humanitarian context.

    I have deep know how on using mobile data collection, data analysis through SPSS, etc, Third report writing, experienced project management, budget etc.

    Please find my uploaded CV and wish you will provide me an opportunity to present how I am relevant for the vacant post.


  2. Hi Admin,
    I am interested, but have been unable to complete profile with your portal. Could you help please.

    1. Admin

      Dear Abullahi,

      we have received your interest and your account is active.

  3. Yehualashet

    I’m skilled in public health monitoring and evaluation and interested to work in this location as monitoring and evaluation expert. I invite you to check my profile.

    Thank you!


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