Accord Worldwide, an international development and training firm, is seeking dynamic and experienced trainers to facilitate a variety of training programs for our esteemed client over a year-long contract. The candidate is expected to have experience consulting in the humanitarian industry.

Our training and capacity-building solutions are offered under our registered trademark, “Accordemy®” which is registered with the USPTO.

You can express interest in the opportunity if it meets your qualifications. Applicants can update their profile on and send a message to @admin to express their interest. If your user account shows you meet the qualifications, we will send you a separate message or email requesting your CV.

Position Objective:

We are seeking two experienced freelance trainers to lead our course on the subject matter for some reputable clients. The perfect fit would possess profound expertise in delivering training and have a deep understanding of the intricacies and standards necessary for impactful communication.


  • Must have: a background in psychology or behavioral science with experience in law enforcement or criminal justice – this is the technical qualification as I see, and it will affect the training quality
  • Highly preferred: understand the World Bank organizational culture – this can be handy to help analyze our situation during the training session
  • Highly desired: Understanding South Asian culture – cultural background affects individual response patterns. Most team members are Sri Lankan, hence this requirement

Training Agenda

Understanding Communication Styles

  • Exploring Diverse Communication Tactics.
  • The Psychology of Stress-Inducing Communication Techniques.
  • Recognizing and Adapting to Various Communication Patterns.

Responding to Challenging Communication

Pro-active Communication Skills

  • Leading Conversations with Confidence and Clarity.
  • Strategies for Anticipating and Mitigating Communication Challenges.
  • Engaging in constructive dialogue and feedback.

Enhancing Team Dynamics and Project Efficiency

  • Building Emotional Intelligence for Team Resilience.
  • Strengthening collaborative efforts in challenging environments.
  • Practical Applications: Improving Project Management through Effective Communication.

How to Apply:

If this opportunity aligns with your qualifications, we encourage you to express your interest. Update your profile on and communicate your interest by sending a message to @admin. If your user account indicates that you meet the necessary qualifications, we will contact you by email or phone.

Assignment Members:

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