Accord Worldwide, is submitting a proposal for the subject project in Sudan and requires the following expert. Our training and capacity-building solutions are offered under our registered trademark “Accordemy®” which is registered with USPTO. You can apply for the position if it meets your qualifications. Applicants can update their profile on and send a message to @admin with their CV and relevant experience. If your user account shows you meet the qualification, we will send you a separate email requesting your CV.

Scope of Work

Main objective of the training program will be as follows: 

  • To improve knowledge and understanding about leadership and management, time management, and resource management as well as on decision making, strategy, and goal setting. 
  • To improve knowledge and awareness about communication skills, conflict management, and creative thinking. 
  • To improve knowledge on project management, report writing, and monitoring and evaluation. 

To achieve the above objectives the service provider will: 

  • Prepare detailed concept notes and agenda/program for the proposed training duration. 
  • Plan and implement the training program. 
  • Conduct impact evaluation of the training program to measure changes in participants’ knowledge and attitude on different subjects.
  • Evaluation tools and methodologies will be agreed upon by the client well before the start of the training program. 
  • Prepare detailed training report including observation, recommendation, and follow-up action for different stakeholders. 

Language of presentation and discussions during the training programme will be in Arabic or English as agreed with the participants for easy understanding and discussions. However, all reports and presentations, handouts, etc. will be in English language. 

Note: The program will follow all the guidelines and protocols related to Covid19.

Preferred Methodology

Training will be implemented by following methodologies, but not limited to: 

  • Slides show (PowerPoint Presentations); 
  • Brainstorming: to measure the level of knowledge amongst participants, to provide an entry point for new learnings, also to encourage participants to share their insights and thoughts; 
  • Plenaries and presentations: which aim to share knowledge and information related to the topics in discussion; 
  • Icebreakers: dynamic breaks to energize participants and refresh their capabilities to acquire new learnings and experiences; 
  • Role plays kind of learning tools through rehearsing and playing roles that represent key issues needed to be highlighted in a distinguished manner; 
  • Working groups: participants will work in groups to discuss and present their inputs in a manner that is consistent with the skills and knowledge they acquired through plenaries and interactive sessions. 


  • Inception report detailing the tools and methodology for implementation of activities and impact evaluation of the training program. 
  • Plan and implement a training program and prepare a detailed report including topics discussed, impact on knowledge and attitude of participants, observations, recommendations, and follow-up action for different stakeholders. The report should also include documentary evidence such as photographs as part of the Annexure to the report. In addition, the final report will also contain a list of participants and their contact details, a copy of attendance sheets as well as evidence of any payments made to the participants. 
  • The final draft of the training report incorporating suggestions and recommendations from the project staff. Revision of the training report may be required before submission of the final version of the report. 
  • One hard copy and one electronic version of the training handouts and presentations. 
  • One hard copy and electronic version of the final report in MS Word and PDF formats. 

Duration and Venue

Training duration is expected to be for four (04) days for about 15 participants. Exact dates to be announced –if the contract is awarded to our firm. The training program is expected to be conducted during early April 2021 or any time proposed by the client. The venue of the training is Khartoum, Sudan.

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  1. Katrina

    Please consider me for the Sudan Training Project.
    Kind regards
    Katrina A Prentice
    London, UK

    1. Admin

      Hi Katrina, the assignment requires the Arabic language. Do you confirm you speak Arabic?

  2. Girish


    I am Interested in this assignment.

    However, I need the following clarifications:
    1. WIll it be possible to conduct the training remotely virtual platforms like ZOOM or is it mandatory for face to face in Khartoum? I am asking that because of the Covid-19 Pandemic which still prevents normal travelling overseas from MAuritius. Currently there is a 15 day quarantine on arrival if ever I managed to leave teh country for this assignment. It will be too costly then.
    2. What fees are being proposed for the trainer including preparation time?


    1. Admin

      Hi, the assignment requires the Arabic language. Do you confirm you speak Arabic?

      1. Girish


        Nope I do not speak Arabic. SO I will not be able to do this assignment. Sorry.
        Thank you for teh opportunity though.

    1. Admin

      Dear Amer, Kindly confirm your profile is updated in our portal. The selection panel only uses that.

    1. Admin

      Hi Saheed, Kindly confirm your profile is updated in our portal. The selection panel only uses that.

  3. Mona

    I am interested and am bilingual

    Best regards,

  4. Raed

    Dear Hiring Manager,
    Just submitted my CV, please let me know if you have any questions.

    1. Admin

      Thank you Mr. Raed. Your profile is shared with the relevant officer.

  5. Mohammed

    I’m interested in this training and I believe I have the necessary skills and experience to facilitate the training.

    Regards. Mohammed

  6. I am interested as advisior,supervisor and instructor for providing any assistance through online platform in zoom system for any such project.
    A./Prof Dr.Junaid

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