The purpose of this portal is to create a pool of freelancer consultants and trainers with whom we will build a longterm relationship and create an understanding where they know what services we provide and what are our expectations from all consultants and trainers and then we offer them the assignments that you receive from our clients.

Create Your Profile

In order to register on all you need to do is to go to the registration page where you have two options. You can simply register using your social media account (Facebook or Google) or create a user account for yourselves. Please note if you wish to create a user account and in the future login with your social media, you must use the same email address that is connected to your social media. Otherwise, two user accounts with two different email addresses will be considered as separate user accounts and you may duplicate your profile.

Once signing up is complete, the system will send me two emails. The first email is a welcome email which is send from the system and it gives you an introduction to and how you can upload your CV. It also explains why you should have your profile information completed.

The second email is an invitation for subscription. This subscription will help you to receive emails about future assignments. We know that you can’t spare time and visit website every day, so if you subscribe to the newsletter, anytime we have a new emails about future assignments or other career development opportunities, you will know about them by our newsletter.

After logging in, you will be redirected to your profile and you can complete your information. It is important to complete all the fields. In many occasions we search for relevant consultants when we have urgent need and the search engine will list consultants whose profile has data that meets our search. It will not take information from your uploaded CV files, but from the profile fields only. You can also add a profile picture and a cover image.

Upload CV’s and Other Documents

You can upload documents such as your CV or other documents on “BuddyDrive”. Once a file is uploaded you have a choice to keep it private or share it with specific members or share it public. Make sure you do not share your sensitive and important files as public. This is under your control only and we take no responsibility if any of your personal information is shared public.

Apply For Assignments:

illustrative image to describe kenya IOM assignment trainers for communication strategy and quality research remotely conducted training

There is a dedicated page for “assignments” and all of the assignments are usually listed here and interested consultants can show their interest for the assignment.

Once the deadline is over there will be a prefix added as expired or completed and the ones which are still valid you can see them on this page and as long as they are open, you are welcome to show your interest.

In order to apply, you need to log-in and send a message to @admin from your user account menu. Our team will consider your interest and see your profile. If you met the qualification, they will ask you for your updated CV or ask to send your CV in the client’s required format. Sometimes we may also request you for additional documents such as a letter of availability or educational documents or references – these will be based on the requirements of our clients.

Update Profile

Once registration is complete you can come back to the website at any time; log in and update your information or complete the missing information from your profile. The most important part is bio and you should make sure it is complete.

Seek Support and Troubleshooting When Needed

If you have any questions or any concerns or you face problems while using you can always make a support ticket and our support team will help you out.