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The purpose of this portal is to create a pool of freelance consultants and trainers with whom we will build a long-term relationship. Through this portal, we will create an understanding where the consultants learn about the services we provide and what our expectations are from our consultants and trainers. Then, we will offer them the assignments that we receive from our clients. The following video and text description provide you with a step-by-step guide to creating your profile and joining Accordemy@ in its consulting assignments.

Join our vibrant community of consultants and trainers at Accord Worldwide! Here’s how you can embark on a journey of collaboration, growth, and success:

Step 1: Sign Up Effortlessly

  • Register Now: Choose between a quick social media sign-up (Facebook or Google) or creating a dedicated account using your email. Start here. Remember, consistency is key! Use the same email linked to your social media accounts to avoid duplicate profiles. Otherwise, two user accounts with two different email addresses will be considered separate user accounts, and you may duplicate your profile.

Step 2: Welcome Aboard

  • Check Your Inbox: After registration, you’ll receive two crucial emails from us. The first welcomes you to our platform and guides you through profile completion and CV upload. The second invites you to subscribe for updates on assignments and opportunities directly to your email. This subscription will help you receive emails about future assignments. We know that you can’t spare time and visit the consultortrain.com website every day, so if you subscribe to the newsletter, anytime we have a new email about future assignments or other career development opportunities, you will know about our newsletter.

Step 3: Profile Completeness

  • Make Your Mark: Complete your profile with care. Our search engine picks data from profile fields only when we search for consultants. If you have uploaded all your documents, but your profile is not complete, there is a high chance that your profile does not show up in the search query. We recommend you fill out every field and add a personal touch with a profile picture and cover image.

Step 4: Document Uploads

  • Securely Share Your Expertise:
    Use “BuddyDrive” to upload your CV and other essential documents. Choose who gets access to your files for privacy and security. Buddydrive is open source, and you can learn about privacy and other features of this plugin by a quick online search. Please do not share sensitive data. Remember that this is a public portal.

Step 5: Apply with Confidence

  • Explore Opportunities: Browse our assignments page for current projects. Express your interest directly through your profile to be considered for tasks that match your qualifications. See current opportunities.
  • To apply:
    To apply: log in and send a message to @admin from your user account menu. Our team will consider your interest and see your profile. If you meet the qualifications, they will ask you for your updated CV or ask you to send your CV in the client’s required format. Sometimes we may also request additional documents, such as a letter of availability, educational documents, or references; these will be based on the requirements of our clients.
  • Once the deadline is over there will be a prefix added as expired or completed and the ones which are still valid you can see them on this page and as long as they are open, you are welcome to show your interest.

Step 6: Continuous Improvement

  • Stay Updated: Easily update your profile and documents to keep your information fresh and relevant for new opportunities. The most important part is the bio section and you should make sure it is complete.

Step 7: Support is Here

  • Get Help When You Need It: Encounter an issue? Submit a support ticket, and our team will assist you promptly. Contact support.

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