Accord Worldwide, is submitting a proposal for the subject project in Somalia and requires the following expert. Our training and capacity building solutions are offered under our registered trademark “Accordemy®“. You can apply for the position if it meets your qualifications. Applicants can update their profile on and send a message to @admin with their CV and relevant experience. If your user account shows you meet the qualification, we will send you a separate email requesting for your CV.

Scope of Work

Basic training for all staff – including the following four modules:

  1. Motivational and building effective teamwork;
  2. Effective time management to help increase staff productivity, staff health and safety, work-plan scheduling, prioritizing, setting goals, reducing stress and improving results:
  3. Understanding the roles, responsibilities, and obligations of a public servant;
  4. Risk management including awareness of conflict of interest, bribery and corruption, identification and mitigation of risks;

Training for Directors and sector heads/ Supervisors – focusing on the following modules:

  1. Leadership Training – including, but not limited, basic leadership skills, leading, coaching, motivating and inspiring your team for success
  2. Management and Supervisory Skills – to help the Ministry’s directors and sector heads/ supervisors developing and refining the skills needed to effectively manage staff, evaluating and monitoring staff performance, delegating tasks and engaging staff in a productive and meaningful role.
  3. Risk Management – This module aims to enhance the knowledge and skills necessary to apply the principles of risk management including identifying and assessing risks, developing mitigation strategies, understanding the duty of care and duty of officers, understanding of conflict of interest, anti-bribery, and corruption.
  4. Teamwork and collaboration – to enhance the knowledge and the skills of the directors to work together effectively and collaborative towards achieving a common goal, sharing information and building synergy to fulfill their mandate effectively and efficiently.
  5. training Ministry’s directors and sector heads/supervisors Performance appraisal process and performance management system.

Specific Responsibilities for the Service Provider

The Service provider designs and assess training programmes.
The service provider is responsible for leading and conducting the training sessions
Conduct a pre-training survey to assess participant’s baseline knowledge of each training module. The service provider is also required to conduct a post-training test for each session to measure the participants gained knowledge.
The service provider is required to issue a certificate of completion of the Leadership, Governance and Management training.
Use of interactive training methods and include group activities, video clips, and powerpoint presentations
In each session, provide the agenda, key learning points, expected outcomes and a brief description of the specific training session.

Implement, and advise on and monitoring appraisal schemes
The Service provider supervise and monitor lecturers progress made via training programmes

The Service provider ensure employees receive required training models and handout.

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  1. David Hitchen


    Im interested in the above. Please could you forward me more details?

    Kindest regards

    1. Admin

      Dear Dave,
      Thanks for your interest. Kindly check your message inbox.

  2. Abdul Kamran

    This is great and would be an advantage bilaterally to see a window of opportunity opened.

  3. Rania

    HI .. looks like a great opportunity! Can I have the details?

    1. Admin

      Thanks Rania. I have shared your interest with the program manager and he will message you if your profile matches this assignment. We will keep you updated for all future opportunities.



    1. Admin

      Dear Walid,

      I can only inform the manager of your interest. Based on client requirement, they will contact you if your profile matches the project requirements. We shall always keep you updated for future assignments, if this was not meeting your profile.

  4. Nadia

    I am very interested and have a lot of experience with leadership and management training.

  5. Admin

    Dear Nadia, as you can see on the title of this assignment. It is completed already. You are welcome to apply for the active assignments.

  6. Khalid Malik

    Dear sir/Madam, I am interested very much for this assignment as I have already experienced in Somalia in Somali land.

    1. Admin

      Thanks for your comment. You are welcome to apply from the portal by sending a message to @admin.

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